Visualizer - Create cool videos from your music

How does it work?

You upload an audio file (mp3/ogg/opus/flac etc), select the presets, enter your email address and wait.

After approximately 15 minutes you will receive an email with a download link to your video.

Your video will be in a MP4 file with VP9 and Opus codecs, that you can play in the browser or upload to Youtube etc.


720p video
35 fps
Opus 48kHz audio
Max 5 minutes
Max 10 per day

PRO $2.00

1080p video
35 fps
Opus 48kHz audio
No watermark
Max 10 minutes

Upload your audio file here (max 50MB)
Preset duration in seconds
(Optional) Upload your overlay image file here (JPG, PNG with transparency, max size 1280x720), it will show the first 5 seconds of the video.
Enter your email address.
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Groovy.Video uses projectM with all 9795 presets from cream-of-the-crop and FFmpeg to generate a video offline, it encodes in VP9/Opus format to a MP4 file. It takes quite some computing power to render and encode the video, so please help fund the project by buying the PRO package.